The magnificence offers tales right here of doomed couples

“The line hinges on that word recognize. What might that mean?” I ask.

“That you are information the food in preference to simply ingesting it.” Score one for Cliff Lesley.

“What might that suggest, to ‘apprehend’ it?”

“How it came, why you’ve got it, its role in existence,” Cliff maintains in a grand stroke.

“Instead of the manner we absorb meals at KFC, simply snarfing it,” Jillian Jenkins says, triumphantly conscious.

“Exactly,” I say. “With no feel of cosmic result. But Dickinson might also mean tons greater than meals; perhaps the ‘nectar’ stands for all praise, all pride. Okay, maybe she simply intended all sustenance, but our twenty-first-century palates are so bored that ‘nectar’ connotes decadence. So possibly, ‘comprehending a nectar’ is a sort of metaphor for the fullness of a more tested lifestyles.”

“Yeah, however that fullness ‘calls for sorest need.’ Sore need don’t sound too suitable,” Tammy Wood says.

“So perhaps Dickinson’s making an argument towards indulgence and in favor of moderation, or perhaps a greater extreme sort of strength of will, in place of satisfying your self every 5 mins. All of those poems for these days present doing without as a life-style preference,” I say.

“Then Dickinson’s against the whole thing America stands for,” Cliff Lesley says.

I leave that one alone for the moment. “Look on this different poem, wherein she says that peace is ‘told’ through its battles, and that land is ‘taught, via the Oceans surpassed.’”

Lauren Hendricks says, “It’s extra of that idea of comprehension and appreciation being without delay proportionate to how a great deal you needed to endure or how a lot you had been denied.” Maybe she does write her personal papers.

“Do you guys ever exit drinking?” I ask.

Even the students who by no means talk say, “Yeah.”
“Have you ever been the distinctive motive force?”

A 2nd, general “yeah.”

“What’s that like? Don’t you spot extra scientifically and more keenly the nuances of the lifestyle surrounding the intake of large quantities of a valuable-worried-system depressant?”

“So on that night time which you cling returned, that you don’t participate, it’s truthful to say which you advantage a extra profound expertise of the people who are collaborating?”

“Yeah.” The magnificence offers tales right here of doomed couples, of groping, fight-hungry safety staffers and apoplectic lighting.

“So right here we’ve got Dickinson, who hung returned, who was, as a poet, a type of lifetime exact driver, treating her existence as an experiment in negation, pursuing—and playing—the readability that accompanies statement.” I suppose but do no longer say anthropological distance.

“So possibly Cliff is proper to suggest that with poems which include ‘Water, is taught through thirst,’ Dickinson has tons to tell our McWorld. Perhaps that’s why such a lot of people declare to be so upset right here within the richest, freest u . S . A . In the world, where every right aspect is to be had by way of pressing a button. Dickinson seems to be pronouncing that if our lifestyle of saturation results in a superficial comprehension of the sector—”

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